Clothes With Purpose

The #1 style for exercise, skin health, fighting pollution, and more...

Why Hemp?

Nowadays, going green too often comes with the price of forgoing luxury, not to mention its actual price.

Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world, and as it turns out, the one way to prevent the industry from contributing 25% of the world's carbon emissions by 2050 results in the most durable and versatile clothing on the market... but we'll get to that.

Cotton, the fashion industry's #1 choice of fiber, has long been awarded the title of 'World's Dirtiest Crop.' On top of that, 69% of today's clothing contains synthetic materials, which shed microplastics into the environment, generate greenhouse gasses, and use non-renewable resources. Wearing fabrics like polyester and nylon can actually cause rashes and clog skin pores too.

Tempe Hemp started when two students from Arizona State University decided to use the miracle crop hemp for a clothing line with a plurality of benefits that would break away from the industry's worst standards.

Reliable vendors for such low-demand textiles are close to nonexistent. With us, you won't have to worry about anything short of affordable garments that feel amazing and fit beautifully.

What's wrong with cotton?

  • 99% of cotton grown is genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides, jeopardizing the biodiversity of ecosystems by contaminating soil, underground aquifers, and nearby bodies of water.
  • Cotton is notoriously thirsty, even leading to desertification in countries that heavily rely on cotton in exports. It takes three years’ worth of drinking water just to make one cotton T-shirt, wasting 2,400 gallons for every pound of cotton that's harvested.
  • Cannot be recycled continuously. Ends up in landfills or burned within years of being purchased.
  • Accounts for 220 million metric tons of CO2 per year, emitting 2 to 4 tonnes per hectare.
  • 94% of the energy it consumes to grow and process is non-renewable.
  • A miracle fiber

    Hemp and its capabilities are misunderstood more than any other plant today. As one of the first cultivated plants to be spun into usable fiber, humans have been utilizing this multi-use crop since 10,000 B.C. Out of its 50,000+ known uses, we'll show you how clothing is one of its most convenient...

    Our clothes are:


    With four times the tensile strength of cotton, you’ll never have to worry about your clothes tearing, thinning, weakening in the wash, or losing shape.


    Breezy and absorbent, it's the perfect choice for summer. Great for skin health and preventing odors.


    Naturally filters 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting your skin and keeping colors from fading due to sunlight.


    Hemp's natural richness in cannabinoids and terpenes gives it strong antimicrobial properties. Resists all bacterial growth.


    No GMOs, pesticides, agrochemicals, or microplastics required.


    Hemp clothes last decades but can be easily recycled into hemp plastic, building materials, paper, animal products, and more.

    Healing the planet with hemp:

    The most effective carbon sink out of any forest or commercial crop, absorbing twice as much CO2 as trees. For every tonne of hemp produced, 1.63 tonnes of carbon is removed from the air.

    A phytoremediation plant — pulls foreign contaminants and heavy metals out of polluted soil. It was planted at Chernobyl to reduce toxicity.

    Uses 75% less water than cotton to grow and process – often just rainfed!

    Our Mission

    Perfect fits with quality material

    Our clothes will feel like they were built around your own body. Long-lasting, versatile, and softer with each wash, they're the kind of clothes that are just as easy to do yard work in as they are to fall asleep in.

    Connecting with customers

    Fashion isn't just a business – it's a collaboration. That's why we prioritize interaction and communication with our customers. Become part of the brand by engaging with us on social media.

    A brighter future for fashion

    We intend to lead the way of sustainable fashion into the next generation while promoting healthy living on all scales, but the real change starts with you. Join the mission by adding hemp to your closet today!

    I love this shirt. I work in farming and wear it every time I need to do some hard work. The material is thick and durable but so comfortable and airy. It really feels unlike any other fabric, just so cool and comfortable against the skin, not itchy at all. It really sold me on hemp, it’s really high quality. Like all hemp, it doesn’t really hold onto odor, you can rewear this shirt multiple times no problems. This was a great purchase.

    Oriana H.

    Here's a hoodie that I love. It's weighty but it doesn't get too hot. It also is great at blocking the wind on a breezy day. Looks great, has a flattering fit, and is cozy enough to wear around the house, too.

    Jeremy J.