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Kandai Gaon, Uttukarahnd, India

A Dying Village

It’s sad, but true. Kandai is one of the 1300 villages in Uttarakhand that have become proverbial ghost villages. No roads lead you here. No milestones exist anywhere near this village. Yet, the houses, the hillocks, the fields, and the vegetation of this village are as real as in any prosperous town in India.

Our team members visited this ghost village and spent precious time with Ranvir Singh Bisht, one of the 6 people who live in the village. You read that right. In the past 10 years, almost every family in the village has left it and moved to towns closer to mainstream civilization.

Why? Why not, we say. There’s hardly any sustainable vista of employment anywhere near the village. Local agriculture, once the mainstay of the village, has fallen to pieces. Because the farmer folk never had access to technical knowledge and remained disconnected from the national agro-economy, their decline was inevitable.

The big question – can this village, whose plight is common to hundreds of other villages in Uttarakhand, be salvaged? We, at Tempe Hemp, believe the answer is – YES.

We are in a joint venture with Hemp Foundation, a social enterprise that aims at reintegrating the people of rural Uttarakhand to their home villages by giving them a sustainable means of employment. While others look at Kandai as an abandoned village, we see it as a village that needs support to burst back to life.

It’s going to be a challenging and exciting journey, something that we look forward to. Slowly but surely Kandai will rise from its ashes and become the model village for Uttarakhand – that’s Tempe Hemp's goal.

Why Hemp?

It's called a miracle crop for good reason. Learn how we use it to build the most versatile clothing there is, all while solving the fashion industry's biggest environmental problems.